In Other Words: A language lover’s guide to the Most Intriguing words around the World

Are you a fan of words or travel? Do you like to learn about rare, uncommon details and facts that are only useful as Jeopardy questions or to use to fill awkward silences at family dinners? Then this book is for you.

Christopher J. Moore takes you on a world tour, while surprisingly giving similar weight to all parts of the planet or of the linguistic family tree. From European languages, to Indigenous languages and all the communities in between, In Other Words may just fuel a barely repressed desire to travel the world. Or, at least make you feel like you’ve done a 80-day tour.

Among my favourites were tovarisch; aina on oksan ottajia, kun on kuusen kantajia; hai and drachenfutter. Which words will become your favourite?

Author: Christopher J. Moore

Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Publication year: 2004

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