Born a crime: stories from a South African childhood

What I know about South Africa can fit on a postage stamp. Its information cobbled together from the subplot of Lethal Weapon 2, the movie Invictus (with the incomparable Morgan Freeman) and R-rated movie Chappie.

That said, when I hear Trevor Noah talk about African countries when he hosts The Daily Show, I pride myself to being at least able to remember where on the map, said countries are located.

Born a crime presents post-apartheid South Africa from the point of view of someone who, to this day, still loves his native country. The content is certainly shocking, but presented in Trevor Noah’s eloquent, and very amusing voice. His very close relationship with his mother is at the core of this story, and a worthy story to tell indeed.

A tale of survival, drive, will to succeed, and love, which will make you want to share passages with your friends. At least, it did for me.

Author: Trevor Noah

Publisher: Doubleday Canada

Publishing year: 2016

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