Forest bathing: how trees can help you find health and happiness

When writing about and sharing scientific information, it can be difficult to strike the right balance between the concrete, and sometimes dry facts related to one’s field of study, and the casual language that will not scare away the general populace towards which your book is dedicated. When you are immersed in a specific discipline, it can be easy to get lost in the jargon that comes with it. I’ve lived it. It’s normal. It almost becomes like a second language. However, for other people to be able to enjoy your work, without having to take a 12-week crash course in the subject, authors need to take the time to do a bit of translation.

In Forest bathing: how trees can help you find health and happiness, Dr. Qing Li has found a way to strike the perfect balance between scientific language and laymen’s terms. It’s in the little things: like the way that at least one third of the book is illustrated with beautiful and picturesque forested landscapes, or the fact that the font and size used is really easy (and I mean REALLY easy) on the eyes.

This book does more than just present you with the science; it also talks about how to bring forest bathing to you, even if a forest may not be immediately at your doorstep.

We’re lucky in the Restigouche County, because the forest is right there, within walking distance.

And so, I present to you Forest bathing – or Shinrin-Yoku -: a book that will help you practise this healing art in your local provincial park and bring the forest indoors when you can’t head outside. We could all use a little bit of healing these days.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the map of the 40 most beautiful forests across the world, for future -long-term- travel plans.

To reserve the book click here

(Une version of en français de ce livre est aussi disponible ici)

Author: Dr. Qing Li

Publisher: Viking Publishing

Publishing year: 2018

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