Spoiler Alert

Have you ever loved a television show or movie universe? Loved it so much that you didn’t want the story to end? Loved it so much you bought the collector DVD set? Loved it so much you kept reading about it long after the show stopped airing? Loved it so much you decided to contribute to the fandom?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then this book is for you. Ideally, you should also like romance as well …

I will leave you to read the synopsis. Here I’ll talk about my impressions of the book.

There are many reasons why I liked April, our heroine. A. She’s a geologist, like me! B. She’s brave. C. She’s confident. D. She owns her geekiness.

As for Marcus, our hero, well, it’s a little more complicated. I was very close to my father growing up. He wasn’t afraid to show emotion or to talk about my emotions or feminine topics. To that effect, I very much appreciate when male protagonists show that kind of openness towards their inner thoughts.

Marcus shows all these attributes. He’s kind, he’s likeable and you relate to him. Does he have flaws? Of course! But his flaws are believable and honestly very well written!

I’ll be truthful, I binge-read this novel in 24 hours, because it delves into a world which I think is only now losing some of its…- embarrassment is the wrong word – … illegitimacy, as a form of entertainment. I’m a reader and a fan. And there’s no reason why my reading on a specific fandom (Star Trek, Sailor Moon, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, to just name a few…) should be limited to only what is released by publishing houses who print books to make money.

Finally, I will add that the fact that the 2 main protagonists are not 20-something size 6, made the read even more enjoyable. (Sorry to all my size 6 friends out there. I still love you!)

I give Spoiler Alert a 5-star review! And look out for her other novels which are also on our shelves.

To reserve the book click here. You can also find a copy in our electronic library.

Author: Olivia Dade

Publisher: HarperCollins

Publishing year: 2020

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