A Study in Scarlet Women

A study in Scarlet Women is the first of the lady Sherlock series by Sherry Thomas. It is a re-imagination of Sherlock Holmes, but seen through a female perspective. Re-imagination of Sherlock Holmes are  aplenty; we recently saw a rise of this on TV with the Elementary and Sherlock series, which reintroduced this favourite detective in our modern day world. In books, re-imagination is not a new phenomena with even Japanese coming on board with Manga such has Case Closed and Young Miss Holmes. If you’re interested, there’s a good list of other Sherlock Holmes adaptations on the Sherlock Holmes Wiki.

I do have to say that Sherry Thomas brings an interesting flare to the story by including a bit of romance to this world usually riddled with intrigue and danger. The tour de force is that she also introduces Sherlock as a woman. A strong brilliant woman, who isn’t quite accepted for what she is in Victorian Era England, but nevertheless tries to fit into a society who has shunned her.

This book introduces Charlotte Holmes’s back story and how she became Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective. It also reimagines A study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle’s first book featuring Sherlock Holmes. It’s fresh by still being realistic in all the challenges a woman might face at the time, a woman who has an unusual skill of deduction.

Charlotte is lovable and relatable in her love of food, her curiosity and her un-interest in social restrictions of women. I always love strong unusual female characters, intrigue and romance. You will find all of this in this delightful book, which is a pleasure to read or listen on Overdrive.

Author: Sherry Thomas

Publishing Year: 2016

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