Sweetest in the Gale : A Marysburg story collection

40-Love was the first time I encountered Olivia Dade’s universe of Marysburg. A (seemingly) small town in New England where the local high school is the location of shenanigans and love stories, especially among the (mostly) professional, and hard-working staff!

Sweetest in the Gale: A Marysburg Story Collection is just that, a collection of three stories exploring life’s ups and downs through tales of love. Whether it’s finding love after death, love amidst medical hardship, or love when integrating into a new community, Sweetest in the Gale guides you through several stages of human emotion. This is, of course, always done from the safe space that is the romance novel.

Fans of poetry will succumb to the gentle interactions of Candy and Griff, the heroes of the titular novella. Whereas aficionados of the opposites-attract trope will swoon for Simon’s inner dialogue and Poppy’s morbid talents in Unraveled. Finally Cover Me, at least to this reader, begs for more backstory than was provided, but provides a nice positive final course to an otherwise serious topic with Elizabeth and James.

Come for the positivity and realism that Olivia Dade is able to convey so well; and stay for 3 stories that will make you feel.

This book is only available as a paper copy.

Author: Olivia Dade

Publishing year: 2020

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