The Tourist Attraction

Imagine that you were living in a small town where most everyone knows everyone, from the bartender, to the police officer, to the couple running the car rental company.

Now imagine that every summer, irresponsible, uber-rich, disrespectful tourists descended on your town in drunk, selfie-snapping droves.

Now you know how Graham Barnett, would-be chainsaw artist, and local diner owner feels. On the one hand, yes the tourists keep him in business, but on the other hand they keep behaving like idiots and don’t treat the local wildlife, including the fifteen-hundred-pound bull moose (Ulysses, as nicknamed by the citizens of Moose Springs, Alaska), with the respect that they deserve.

Everyone but Zoey Caldwell that is. She’s saved money for years, from a job that doesn’t pay much more than minimum wage, for the vacation of a lifetime. And she’s determined to enjoy it, no matter what the Alaskan wilderness is ready to throw at her.

This sweet and warm romance will have you thinking about the importance of taking life as it comes, no matter how ill-timed it may be. And bonus points to the book for featuring an adorable blind border collie by the name of Jake whose fur-daddy dresses him in outfits and hand knitted hats (You can see of sketch of him on the cover). Enjoy a taste of Alaska during the summertime, it’s quite the sight!

This book is available as a paper copy or as an eBook version on Overdrive.

Author: Sarah Morgenthaler

Publishing year: 2020

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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