Well Met

It’s your typical love story, girl meets boy, boy goes on to study in a very competitive field, such as medicine or law, and girl drops out of school to support the boy by working two jobs. Then, boy leaves girl…. Wait a minute!

Sorry, let me start over again. Girl (her name is Emily) gets dumped by the ungrateful swine that she has supported for years as soon as he makes it to his dream job. So, after hearing that her sister has been in a pretty bad car accident, girl picks up what remains of her belongings and her dignity and moves in with her sister and her niece to take care of them…and joins a renaissance fair.

And this is where we meet our heroine: Emily. Her self-esteem may have been a little battered and bruised, but you know what they say, with a little distance – 400 years of distance – it’s easier to refocus on what really matters in life. Whether it be her family, her future, or the serious, micromanager of a Renaissance coordinator, Simon. Only time will tell.

As someone who has been a part of my local living history reenactment group, the details, and ideas that our author brings to the page made me reach for pen and paper simply to steal them for my local group!

But as a romance novel lover, I was completely enchanted by our main couple and the small (fictional) town of Willow Creek, Maryland, in which the story takes place.

This is a solid first novel, with a sequel Well Played already in the system, for those who desire to remain in this romantic Shakespearian setting.

You can find this book as a paper copy or an eBook version on Overdrive.

Author: Jen DeLuca

Publishing year: 2019

Publisher: Jove

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