Tsubasa World Chronicle

Author: CLAMP

Published in 2015

Tsubasa is a Manga, so a Japanese comic. The art is done by CLAMP an all girl comic book artist team, which produced many popular hits such has Cardcaptor, XXXHolic, Chobits and Blood-C, just to name a few.

          The story follows Syaoran, Kurogane, Mokona and Fai. They are a group of friends who must keep travelling from world to world due to an exchange that had been done previously to free Syaoran. Syaoran is a young powerful boy who loves to help people. Kurogane is a warrior and in a way a father figure to the group. Fai is a fun-loving mage and plays the mother figure of the group. Mokona is Mokona, if you ask him. To the rest of the group, Mokona is a cute lovable furball who is the key to their world travelling and communication with the wish shopkeeper Watanuki. This ragtag team of friends brings a lightness to what gradually becomes a darker story, as they will have to put their lives on the line to help new friends.

          I love the comedic relief brought to a complex story about good and evil through the team’s interactions. The characters are endearing and relatable and show the complexity of humans through their faults and strengths. It showcases a side of Japanese comics that I love: they are unafraid to approach deeper subjects such as death, loss, sacrifice and more, in a pre-teen / teen manga.

          I have always loved the CLAMP style of drawing, the design is detailed and uses a lot of sound indicators. This makes reading this comic almost like reading a cartoon where the sound effects are included visually. The unique design and complexity of the story makes this a delightfully entertaining series to read!

Available in English at our library

Also available in French at our library

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