The Sheik and the Bought Bride

Author: Takako Hashimoto

Colorist: Susan Mallery


The story is about Prince Kateb, a prince of the desert kingdom of El Deharia, who wants to punish Victoria’s father for cheating in a card game. Victoria offers herself as payment in-lieu of her father for his freedom and well-being. Victoria’s inner thoughts betray some insecurities, but her actions are those of a fierce, independent and intelligent woman. Kateb is a prince hiding behind a tragedy from his youth, who needed a push to allow himself to become more. Of course, that push is Victoria, but like many romance novels, the road to happiness is never smooth.

Reading Sheik stories isn’t something I usually do, but this one caught my attention due to the illustrations of the comic. Those illustrations are beautiful and fluid, drawing you in. The page layout for a comic that I read on Libby is stylish and easy to follow. My interest was piqued by the illustrations and kept by Victoria, a strong woman. The comic is based on the Harlequin novel of the same name.

The strength of this story is in its characters. The characters are not how they are usually portrayed. They are more complex, even if they do fit a bit of the archetype found in certain romance novels. The story was easy to read and had a few silly moments which made the experience quite enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised by the story and quite spellbound by the illustrations. An interesting little comic book gem that is worth exploring!

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