Spoiler Alert

Have you ever loved a television show or movie universe? Loved it so much that you didn’t want the story to end? Loved it so much you bought the collector DVD set? Loved it so much you kept reading about it long after the show stopped airing? Loved it so much you decided to contributeContinue reading “Spoiler Alert”

Bringing Down the Duke

Bringing down the duke is set 1879, towards the end of England’s Victorian Era. Women were starting to be included in formal academic institutions and the fight for women’s suffrage was becoming a national movement in Britain. Annabelle is a likeable heroine, not content to simply stand by and make do with the circumstances thatContinue reading “Bringing Down the Duke”

Simply Unforgettable

In honor of our November music-themed thematic flyer, I’m sharing with you this nice piece of uplifting, romantic Canadian fiction from 2005. Our story unfolds sometime after 1712, when carriages roamed the countryside, Bath’s healing waters were a draw to the old and the young, and George Frideric Handel had already become one of England’sContinue reading “Simply Unforgettable”