Provincial Office

The Provincial Office is responsible for the development of services and programs by libraries on a provincial level. They work closely with the regional offices through the Provincial Management Team. The Provincial Management Team is composed of the Executive Director, the Regional Director, and the head of each unit of the Provincial Office.

Regional Offices

The province is divided into 5 regions. Each regional office oversees the development and delivery of library services in their respective regions.

In the Chaleur Region, the regional office is located in Campbellton.

Public Libraries

In order to best serve their communities, New Brunswick Public Libraries offer services, programs and resources established on a local, regional and provincial level. Public-school libraries have a double mandate: serving the general public, as well as serving the students and school personnel. Additionally, NBPLS hosts the first public-academic library specializing in art in Canada: the New Brunswick Library of Craft and Design.

Library board

Library trustees are key advisors and advocates who help shape the future of library development in New Brunswick. The trustees also advocate for public libraries and promote their value in the community and their contribution to the public good. You can find a list of the Campbellton Centennial Library Trustees HERE.

New Brunswick Public Libraries Foundation (NBPLF)

The New Brunswick Public Libraries Foundation was established in 1997 by the Province of New Brunswick to receive donations and conduct fundraising activities for the development of public library collections in New Brunswick. The Foundation is a body corporate and an agent of the Crown. It is composed of 10 trustees appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council. The Foundation is a key partner for NBPLS in supporting the development and delivery of quality public library service for New Brunswickers. To make a donation click on the following link: Ways to Give.

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