The Darwin Affair

Author: Tim Mason 2019 Charles Field, a chief detective, connects the attempted murder on Queen Victoria with the murder of a thief a few blocks away. However, the more he digs into the murder and attempted murder, the more it seems to be part of a bigger plot. Was the queen even the target? WhatContinue reading “The Darwin Affair”

Well Met

It’s your typical love story, girl meets boy, boy goes on to study in a very competitive field, such as medicine or law, and girl drops out of school to support the boy by working two jobs. Then, boy leaves girl…. Wait a minute! Sorry, let me start over again. Girl (her name is Emily)Continue reading “Well Met”

Bringing Down the Duke

Bringing down the duke is set 1879, towards the end of England’s Victorian Era. Women were starting to be included in formal academic institutions and the fight for women’s suffrage was becoming a national movement in Britain. Annabelle is a likeable heroine, not content to simply stand by and make do with the circumstances thatContinue reading “Bringing Down the Duke”