Born a crime: stories from a South African childhood

What I know about South Africa can fit on a postage stamp. Its information cobbled together from the subplot of Lethal Weapon 2, the movie Invictus (with the incomparable Morgan Freeman) and R-rated movie Chappie. That said, when I hear Trevor Noah talk about African countries when he hosts The Daily Show, I pride myselfContinue reading “Born a crime: stories from a South African childhood”

Hark A Vagrant

Simply put, Kate Beaton’s comics are so good, they will make you wish you paid more attention in History class. Filled with characters from history, literature, and pop-culture, her cartoons will make you laugh and cry-laughing. While you might not recognize every character that graces the pages of this book, you’ll probably still get theContinue reading “Hark A Vagrant”