A Study in Scarlet Women

A study in Scarlet Women is the first of the lady Sherlock series by Sherry Thomas. It is a re-imagination of Sherlock Holmes, but seen through a female perspective. Re-imagination of Sherlock Holmes are  aplenty; we recently saw a rise of this on TV with the Elementary and Sherlock series, which reintroduced this favourite detectiveContinue reading “A Study in Scarlet Women”


Soulless is set in an alternate Victorian England. A version different to the one we know; with werewolves, vampires and technology that is far more advanced than what it actually was. The story follows Alexia, who is far from your normal spinster. She is quite different to humans, seeming distant and eccentric. Even the supernaturalContinue reading “Soulless”

A Duke in Shining Armor and Ten Things I Hate About the Duke

When it comes to historical romances I can be very picky. Yes, I love the romance of owning a castle, riding in a phaeton carriage, and dancing in a ball with a handsome lord. However, I really don’t like the idea of not having a real occupation (other than embroidering for a charity), having toContinue reading “A Duke in Shining Armor and Ten Things I Hate About the Duke”

Bringing Down the Duke

Bringing down the duke is set 1879, towards the end of England’s Victorian Era. Women were starting to be included in formal academic institutions and the fight for women’s suffrage was becoming a national movement in Britain. Annabelle is a likeable heroine, not content to simply stand by and make do with the circumstances thatContinue reading “Bringing Down the Duke”

Simply Unforgettable

In honor of our November music-themed thematic flyer, I’m sharing with you this nice piece of uplifting, romantic Canadian fiction from 2005. Our story unfolds sometime after 1712, when carriages roamed the countryside, Bath’s healing waters were a draw to the old and the young, and George Frideric Handel had already become one of England’sContinue reading “Simply Unforgettable”