Thematic flyers

Every month, our librarians offer you a selection of books based on a theme


January: Painting and the visual arts | Fairytale Retellings

February : Love is love

March: Small Town Life


January: You and your finances | For business owners

February: Folktales and Legends

March: Remarkable Women

April: Books from Latin American, Portuguese and Spanish authors

May: Canadian and British murder stories

June: Our June Suggestions

July and August: Blue Bloods

September: Manga and Comics

October: Westerns

November: Fantasy

December: Winter is coming


January: Fantasy | Science-fiction

February: Romance and Black History Month

March: Books from Celtic peoples and the British Isles

September: Superheroes

October: Zombie / End of the world and Read Local

November: Music

December: History


October: New Brunswick Authors

November: Remembrance Month

December: Kids Staff Picks and Northern European literature

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