The Darwin Affair

Author: Tim Mason


Charles Field, a chief detective, connects the attempted murder on Queen Victoria with the murder of a thief a few blocks away. However, the more he digs into the murder and attempted murder, the more it seems to be part of a bigger plot. Was the queen even the target? What type of conspiracy did Field walk into? Who is the mysterious madman that Field is tracking? You soon find out, by not only seeing things from the perspective of Field, but also from the perspective of many other characters including that madman. How is Darwin’s evolution theory part of this conspiracy? Also, will Inspector Field rise to the expectations placed upon him from being the popular Inspector Bucket that Charles Dickens immortalized in Bleak House?

The Darwin Affair by Tim Mason pulls you in by immediately starting in on the action of the attempted murder of Queen Victoria and then the murder of the thief. Then it is keeps you captivated by the conspiracy that is unravelling, the complex and diverse characters, the body count that keeps rising and the use of the unusual narrative. Not all authors can execute well a shifting narrative from different characters, but Mason does an excellent job. The perspective of the madman is perfectly twisted, and the gory details bring this great antagonist to life. I should warn you that this story is not for the faint of heart. Hpwever, it mixes well history, mystery, and gore together. A highly recommended book for those who like Victorian mysteries with plenty of twists.

It’s available in eaudiobook and ebook on overdrive

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